Company profile
Mold Manufacture

A fleet of modern machines enables the efficient manufacture of precision injected molds such as clinker and splitting tools or slide followers, as well as tools with moving split levels.

Plastic Mold Shop
  • 20 modern injected molding machines up to 850 KN locking pressure.
  • processing of numerous thermoplastics of maximum 160g shot weights.
  • marble and two color molding color developments in transparent, opalescent. Deep marble or two tone colors.
Well over 6,000 articles for immitation jewelry, decorative articles, hobby and do-it-yourself, gifts, toy production, textile industry and various technical articles.

High Vacuum Coating and Finishing Shop

Surface finishing of
immitation jewelry and technical products.

(Gold, silver, hematite, AB, pearl shell effects, metal coating, sprinkle spotted)

Laser - Technology

Cutting and engraving of diverse materials for immitation jewelry, display construction, stamp fabrication, glass and gifts, as well as inscriptions.

Furthermore, sophisticated technologies enable the finishing of plastic parts in order to obtain special surfaces and designs.
Deburring, high-polishing, frosting, hot stamping, tampon-printing and surface dye.
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