The roots of the company go back four generations ago, in Gablonz and we have been in business ever since. Before the turn of the century, Paul Bernt and his wife Marie, set up a factory to manufacture glassware in Marschowitz, in the district of Gablonz on the river, Neiße.

Elsa, a daughter of this family, and a Kujan widow, got married to Rudolf Schöffel from Radl, who was a skilled glass immitation jeweler of glass stones. After the end of war and the confusion of the post-war years a new start was made.

On May 4th, 1954, Schöffel & Kujan was established by son Herbert Kujan together with Rudolf Schöffel, who are both shareholders of the company which is situated in Rettenbach am Auerberg.

The development of the company:

1954   Company was established in Rettenbach am Auerberg.
1954   The production of immitation jewelry stones and glass pearls were up front.
1956   Planning and the raw building for a production area with offices and apartments in Marktoberdorf.
1957   New offices in the Buchenweg 12.
1959   Addition and enlargement of the factory.
1964   Expansion of the offices.
1972   The production now includes, manufacturing high quality plastic parts.
1975   Further addition to the low style of the building.
1976   Daughter, Hannelore begins to work in the commercial area.
1978   Planning of a new building for the business with a house in the Nordstraße 7 - 9.
1979   New building and moving into 5,500 square meters.
1979   Son Herbert, begins his apprentice as a toolmaker.
1980   Construction of a new building for equipment and a warehouse.
1984   Additional building for polishing and stocking materials.
1986   Building enlarged for refining, finishing, and varnishing. Total factory size over 3000 square meters.
1987   Addition of an appartment on top of the factory.
1998   Son Herbert Kujan jr. and daughter Hannelore Guggemos took over the management of the
company as a GmbH (Limited Liability Company).
2000   Expansion by laser technology

Founded by:

Rudolf Schöffel
born 1907, in Radl,
near Gablonz / Neiße River,
died in 1981
Senior president
Herbert Kujan sen.

born 1932
in Gablonz / Neiße River

Up to the present generation, we have always adjusted to the changing technology and the market with our diligence and strong capabilities. For centuries, our expertise and the excellent workmanship of our employees have contributed to the success of the company. The education and training of young people to become qualified professionals has always been and still is, one of our important duties.

Today, from creating a design to mold manufacture, we produce items made of all types of synthetic material on modern equipment at our own production facilities. These products include immitation jewelry, decorative articles, consumer goods, and technical products.

The composition and development of colors, as well as the processing of the complete production is performed in our company. Polishing, dying, varnishing, surface coatings and finishing, high-vacuum coating, cutting and laser-engraving have not only been standard technology based on many years of experience, but are maintained and adjusted to the latest state-of-the-art technology. Novelties for the next season are presented and shown at international fairs and exhibitions.

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